Old Dog Body Odor Remedy

Dogs being dogs, no matter how much you get them squeaky clean, they’ll always have that distinct doggy smell in them. I’m not talking about the cute puppy smell from when she first came to live with you. I’m talking about the wet-dog smell.  Or the rolled-in-something bad smell.  We all know the way to get rid of that funky smell is to give your pooch a thorough bath.If the body odor persists after a thorough cleaning though the root of the body odor is coming from within.

The aging process brings with it a bunch of health complications affecting our beloved old buddies. One of these problems is body odor. Thankfully, an old dog body odor remedy is available.  Here are three tips that help reduce the stinky smell coming from your loyal pal.

There is a remedy for old dog body odor

Old dog body odor can be remedied | photo by me'nthedogs

Old Dog Body Odor Remedy

1. Check your dog’s teeth and gums.

Dogs aren’t spared from dental and gum diseases. As most dog owners know all too well,  halitosis in dogs is quite common. Have you checked your dog’s teeth and gums lately? Now would be a good time to do so. Teeth problems and infected gums give an all-around body odor to your dog. If you discover your old dog has oral problems, it’s time to make a vet appointment.

2. Brush your old dog’s coat regularly.

As your dog grows older, his coat changes too. What used to be thick and shiny is now dull and lackluster, but regular brushing should do the trick. This old dog body odor remedy works too because the undercoat of your dog could be a breeding ground of some sort for bacteria and fungi, thanks to the particles that could be trapped in it. Brushing also releases the trapped moisture in the coat, and you know how moisture plays a major role in giving off funky smells.

3. Make the switch to an all-natural diet.

It’s possible that your old dog’s diet could be the culprit behind the nasty smell. A change  to a more natural diet may have a positive effect on that old dog B.O. As  dogs  gets older, they need those good nutrients that come from Mother Nature herself. Consider replacing those store-bought treats with fresh fruit and vegetables.

These three simple steps should reduce the stinky aroma your beloved old dog gives off. But if the smell persists, it’s time for that trip to the vet. Your dog’s health should be a priority, especially now that he is getting old. After all, he has given you years of joy and loyalty. Return the love with extra care in his golden years.